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Covington Point: Where neighbors are more like family than friends. Welcome to the relaxed atmosphere of clean country living with access to the “Big Easy” just a short drive across Lake Pontchartrain. Covington Point subdivision was originally developed in 1986 as a quaint community of Victorian style cottages that has grown into our community of today with approximately 187 homes.

Covington Point Homeowners Association, a non-profit corporation, is a community dedicated to promoting and directing the general welfare of the residents and property owners, for the betterment and improvement of Covington Point Subdivision.


Latest News

Dear Homeowners,
In July, the CPHA Board asked ALL homeowners to update their pool card key information of the 187 homes that Covington Point has there were less than 30 responses at that them. The second request went out with the first quarter statements in April as the Spring 2020 Newsletter. There were only 15 responses to that request.
At this time, ALL card key access is off related to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are following state guidelines as to when we will reopen the pool facilities. Furniture, attendance, and bathroom clean guidelines must be determined prior to the opening of the facilities.
Below is the info copied from the 1st quarter newsletter. ONLY those 15 who replied after the 1st quarter statements/newsletter DO NOT need to resubmit their info. All other homeowners MUST reply to have card key access turned back on.

Pool Card Key System Update
We will utilize this pool down time for updating the card key system. ALL card keys have been turned off.
To have your card key reactivated please send a message to info@renmgt.com with the following information: 1. HO Name 2. Address 3. contact number 4. the numbers on your pool card key. If you do not have access to email, please call the RPM office at 985-625-2900. DOWNLOAD PDF



Beginning Monday, March 16th, Renaissance will close their office to the public as a precautionary measure in light of the coronavirus threat to protect our employees and clients. Property owners needing to drop off their dues payment can use the locked mailbox at the top of our front stairs. Remotes and key fobs can be mailed via email request.

Most questions and concerns can be addressed through email and phone and we will continue to provide the highest level of customer service to our board members and residents using these communication methods. This will not affect any board meetings scheduled in our office and we will continue to facilitate them at this time. Please share this information with your fellow board members and residents as you see fit.

We hope these efforts will promote good health and safety for our clients and employees. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this precautionary measure, please feel free to call




New Yard Lights

New yard lights have hit a second slowdown related to rain last week and today. We hope to have complete installation next week.

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Dues Increase 1/1/2020

  • Specific details we considered for a Dues increase:
  • It’s been 10 years going back to 2009 since Covington Point Homeowners Association has considered a due increase.
  • These increases will cover the general cost of doing business (property upkeep, inflation, cost-of-living etc.) as well as the increase in our property management fee. The board felt this is a fair assessment considering the amenities provided by the association and reasonable compared to other associations offering similar features to their homeowners.
  • $1.00 increase for each home, evenly distributed across all home owners for services provided by our management company.
  • An additional approx. 10%, rounded up to the nearest dollar value ($4.00 increase for standard monthly dues and $2.00 increase to our qualifying seniors)
  • Standard Dues will be assessed at $40 per month ($120/Quarter) and Qualifying Seniors at $20 per month ($60/Quarter) starting January 2020
  • Qualifying Discounts for paying dues annually are not affected by these changes.

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A note from the Board of Directors:

Covington Point is a delightful place to live and we plan to keep it that way! Your Board of Directors is always watching out for the best interest of all our residents!

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In an effort to maintain recycling services to all residents and to maintain current rates, Coastal Environmental Services is changing the City of Covington’s recycling schedule.  All recycling will now be picked up on Thursdays citywide. Glass will no longer be included in the recycling plan.

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Introduction of those nominated via Newsletter/Proxy

  • Dale Bratschi
  • Heather Grimm
  • Ruby Swords
  • Previous Board members, Jeff Boudreaux, Kyle Beerbohem, Kevin Lozier and Micha Mondor do not wish to run again at this time.

Nominations of Board Members from the floor

  • Approximately 25-30 homeowners present
  • Ken Oleson nominated, he declined
  • Edward Dufilho nominated, he accepted
  • Marlene Temento nominated, she accepted
  • Chad Davis nominated, he accepted

Election of Board Members
-   Brief description of duties explained by current Board members

    • A good deal of business will be conducted via email and text
    • How the Board works with the property manager
    • The guidelines that are set up fir the property manager to with within
    • Reports that Board members receive from Property Manager
    • To be held to the highest standard of accountability and be in compliance with all covenants and by-laws and follow
    • Required two signatures for both accounts, brief overview
  • Voting took place and 6 Board members were elected via on site

     votes and by proxy:

    • Dale Bratschi
    • Chad Davis
    • Edward Dufilho
    • Heather Grimm
    • Ruby Swords
    • Marlene Temento
  • Plans for a Board member meeting as soon as a date can be determined
  • Physical key and card keys will be distributed then
  • Email address and website

All homeowners were brought up to date regarding the CPHA lawsuit and the outcome. Brief discussion held regarding this matter


State of the HOA Report
         -    review of annual and monthly budgets 2019
         -    Balance sheet
         -    Revenue & Expenses
         -    Questions asked and answered to the best of current Boards ability w/o input from the Property Manager who was absent due to unexpected personal commitment.  Further explanation to come at Board meeting


Floor Opened, topics introduced:

  • Possible dues increase in 2020 aligned with cost of living
  • proposed move to complete electronic communications
    • email
    • billing
    • newsletters
  •  Drainage issues discussed in and around the neighborhood
  •  Revisit seeking approval of previously rewritten Restrictive Covenants



"Please read to refresh yourselves on the pool rules"

***Pool is NOT part of clubhouse rental***



CPHA Construction update:

It has been longer than expected (what construction job happens on time and without surprises) but we are nearly finished with the CPHA updates. There are only minor punch list items that remain to be completed.  The pool officially opened on May 1 and the play set is in the process of being constructed. We opted to open the pool while the construction of the play set is ongoing so…



The renovations to the clubhouse were extensive.

The renovations to the clubhouse were extensive and the main issue that arose was the sinking of the previously covered over sunken pit in front of the fire place.  This added an additional expense but was an issue that could no longer be put off.  There will be a full accounting of all expenses soon. 
The following projects were completed during the closure of the facilities since closed in October:
1.    new hardy board exterior
2.    new tempered glass windows
3.    all new exterior doors, new front door with sidelights
4.    new aluminum columns front and back
5.    new and additional lighting, LED interior and exterior
6.    new kitchen, cabinets, appliances
7.    additional LED lighting throughout inside
8.    new paint throughout interior and exterior
9.    bathroom upgrades, toilets, sink, fixtures, countertops, additional lighting
10.  new vinyl plank flooring throughout interior
11.  move, repair, replace fencing and gate access to back yard
12.  new sidewalks and drainage improvements in front and back yards
13.  upgrade large pool pump and garbage area enclosure
14.  elevation of sections of pool deck and Deck over applied to all of pool deck surface
15. new sod where needed
Homeowners will continue to notice more improvements.  We plan to continue keeping this important asset current and up to date which will positively affect every homeowner’s property value.

Coming soon:
1.   play set in back yard
2.   fence enclosure around A/C condensers and baby pool pump
3.  new camera system



Debit/Credit Card Payment Option Now Available for CPHA

The credit/debit card payment option is now active for Covington Point. The homeowner will pay a 2.95% convenience fee. Each homeowner will need their account number to use the system. This information will be sent to each homeowner in a letter with the July quarterly billing. Please contact Melissa at Renaissance Property Management if you have any questions regarding this matter.




Proposed Amendments to Restrictive Covenants - Click here for more information. Click here to view original covenants.



Property Management

Contact Renaissance Property Management for Dues payment and questions, covenant violations, architecture control issues, clubhouse rentals, any other subdivision issue or question.

Tel: (985) 624-2900




Card Key Access

1. We will continues to swap out card key as needed (contact Renaissance) if you become delinquent after it is issued, you key access will be turned off.
2. Access – Please follow the stated times allowed for pool use. This can and will be monitored by the card key system.
3. Do not allow anyone in whose cards are not functional…there is a reason for this!


Please keep an eye out for problems when at the pool.

Please keep an eye out for problems when at the pool. We are experiencing some issues with unsupervised children and pets at the pool. If you see this or any other violation of pool rules, please report it. Report Link

CPHA Pool Rules view