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Covington Point Homeowners Association

Drainage CP Subdivision

This map was provided to the CPHA Board in early March of this year. But the Board started this endeavor back in May of 2020. At that time there was an outdated map that didn’t even show the drainage on the west end of the subdivision. 

We worked with the city and parish to get all drainage in and around Covington Point cleared and flowing. The red color marks drainage that the City of Covington is responsible for. The yellow color marks the drainage that the Parish of St. Tammany is responsible for. 

Now that the drainage is clear, an annual maintenance schedule has been put in place.  If there is a particular problem that a homeowner notices, please reach out the the appropriate entities.


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REFIT Cardio-Dance Fitness

REFIT is a cardio-dance fitness format that engages the whole person: Body, Mind and Soul. In this hour-long fitness class, participants find easy to learn movements, inspiring music, and a family-friendly environment for all ages. REFIT at Covington Point is free and open to residents of our neighborhood. Kids are welcome to work out with us or come and sit on electronic devices while we work out. We will meet on Tuesday nights at 6pm in the clubhouse. REFIT will start Tuesday, 9/21!

We hope to see you there!


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Covid 19/Delta Variant

Life was somewhat getting back to normal…then Delta came along! The clubhouse, pool and tennis courts are all open.  The clubhouse has been thoroughly cleaned.  The outside and pool furniture will be next.  Please continues to keep safe, practice social distance, where masks and get vaccinated.

We recently had an informative HOA meeting that had a nice turnout.  The minuets have been posted on the website.

Most questions and concerns can be addressed through email and phone and we will continue to provide the highest level of customer service to our board members and residents using these communication methods. This will not affect any board meetings scheduled in our office and we will continue to facilitate them at this time. Please share this information with your fellow board members and residents as you see fit.

We hope these efforts will promote good health and safety for our clients and employees. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this precautionary measure, please feel free to call


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Tennis Court & Baby Pool Update

The rainy first half of the year has delayed several proposed projects.  Then Ida hit…delays are an understatement; the added drainage ditch has really helped to keep water off of the tennis courts. The tennis courts have been cleaned and as soon as there are a few sunny days we hope to get the basketball half court painted onto the court nearest to the clubhouse.  The goal and 3 of the new benches along with the standard covers for the tennis court net will be added to prevent any accidents. This court was chosen for lighting and video camera coverage. 
We are getting there. Eventually we will get the west and north sides of the tennis courts cleared out and add more lights to the west court.
The baby pool will be drained and resurfaced during the month of October…weather permitting.


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Dues Increases

Specific details we considered for a Dues increase:

It’s been 10 years going back to 2009 since Covington Point Homeowners Association has considered a due increase.

These increases will cover the general cost of doing business (property upkeep, inflation, cost-of-living etc.) as well as the increase in our property management fee. The board felt this is a fair assessment considering the amenities provided by the association and reasonable compared to other associations offering similar features to their homeowners.

$1.00 increase for each home, evenly distributed across all home owners for services provided by our management company.

An additional approx. 10%, rounded up to the nearest dollar value ($4.00 increase for standard monthly dues and $2.00 increase to our qualifying seniors)

Standard Dues will be assessed at $40 per month ($120/Quarter) and Qualifying Seniors at $20 per month ($60/Quarter) starting January 2020 

Qualifying Discounts for paying dues annually are not affected by these changes.


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Update Pool Card Key

In July, the CPHA Board asked ALL homeowners to update their pool card key information of the 187 homes that Covington Point has there were less than 30 responses at that them. The second request went out with the first quarter statements in April as the Spring 2020 Newsletter. There were only 15 responses to that request.
At this time, ALL card key access is off related to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are following state guidelines as to when we will reopen the pool facilities. Furniture, attendance, and bathroom clean guidelines must be determined prior to the opening of the facilities.
Below is the info copied from the 1st quarter newsletter. ONLY those 15 who replied after the 1st quarter statements/newsletter DO NOT need to resubmit their info. All other homeowners MUST reply to have card key access turned back on.

Pool Card Key System Update
We will utilize this pool down time for updating the card key system. ALL card keys have been turned off.
To have your card key reactivated please send a message to with the following information: 1. HO Name 2. Address 3. contact number 4. the numbers on your pool card key. If you do not have access to email, please call the RPM office at 985-624-2900.


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A Note From the Board of Directors:

Covington Point is a delightful place to live and we plan to keep it that way! Your Board of Directors is always watching out for the best interest of all our residents!


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Recycling Returns, Thursday, October 7th

Please remember to remove your recycling cart/bin from the curb once it has been serviced. If your recycling cart/bin is at the curb on your scheduled garbage day, it will be dumped with the garbage. No plastic bags or glass. 


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