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Covington Point: Where neighbors are more like family than friends. Welcome to the relaxed atmosphere of clean country living with access to the “Big Easy” just a short drive across Lake Pontchatrain. Covington Point subdivision was originally developed in 1986 as a quaint community of Victorian style cottages that has grown into our community of today with approximately 187 homes.

Covington Point Homeowners Association, a non-profit corporation, is a community dedicated to promoting and directing the general welfare of the residents and property owners, for the betterment and improvement of Covington Point Subdivision.


Latest News


  • June 16, 2014

    Dear Homeowners,

    It has come to the Boards attention that there has been activity in the fenced pool area after the designated hours posted on the gate. The pool hours are posted and must be followed. If anyone is in the fenced area at night, they MUST exit by the latest posted time. If anyone is found to be using the pool outside of the posted hours, it will be considered trespassing. Pool privileges will be revoked.

    The CHPA Board

  • March 26, 2014

    HOA Meeting, 7:30pm for election of Board Members


  • Help to beautify Covington Point one yard at a time!

    Garden of the Month recipients will receive a $30 gift certificate to Cedar Hill Nursery in Covington. Happy Gardening!


  • January 20, 2014

    Dear Resident,

    The Covington Police Department will begin utilizing a new service to access important, valuable community information when you need it, using the latest technology.

    Our agency will create and publish messages through the Nixle Community Information Service. Nixle will then deliver this information to you instantly via text, email and/or web message. Notifications can also be accessed online at Nixle’s web site at www.nixle.com.

    Example messages may include advisories, crime information, news releases, as well as other relevant safety and community information.

    The service is secure, reliable and easy to use. YOU decide what information you want and whether you want it sent to your cell phone, email, or just simply over the web.

    Please register now at the company’s main web site: www.nixle.com. There you can also access their Frequently Asked Questions.

    We also ask you to forward this email to 5 of your neighbors or friends in the community, encouraging them to register.

    New communication forms continue to evolve and we believe this service will allow us to keep you informed in the most convenient, reliable way possible.

  • December 7, 2013

    Christmas Greetings Homeowners,

    The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank past Board members for their hard work and dedication to the CPHA.  Both Clarence and Jamie have held office in the past throughout the over 20 years that the Romages’ have lived in Covington Point, they will be missed.  >> Download PDF


    Early Bird Payments for 2014

    These payments must be made by January 10, 2014 to receive the 2 free months.  No late payment or exceptions will be made.


    The December HOA meeting has been moved to January 22, 2014, at which time some of the planned agenda items are: 

    1. New Board Member nominations
    2. Proposed improvements for 2014
    3. Review of current state and Financials 2013 and 2014

    Merry Christmas
    The CPHA Board

    Dale Bratschi                          Ruby C. Swords
    Ken Ross                               Joseph Wunder


  • Attention! Attention! Attention! Attention!
    As of March 1, 2013, we will be using Renaissance Property Management as our management company. During this transition, we are advising all residents who pay their dues on a monthly basis to begin using our post office address for mailing your checks. Our post office address is Covington Point Homeowners Assn, P.O. Box 4882, Covington, LA 70434. During the transition period, you may also deposit your check in the drop box located in the clubhouse window closest to the pool gate. We are presently looking at the end of March to hold a general homeowners meeting where we will discuss future plans with a possible new management company. Any issues, concerns or questions can be addressed at this time. Keep a watch on this website for our homeowner meeting date. We will also use the March gathering to introduce our new Board Members.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    The CPHA Board


Proposed Amendments to Restrictive Covenants - Click here for more information. Click here to view orginal convenants.


  • GOM for September 2013 was 105 St. George Circle, David & Julie Ricketts.
  • GOM for October 2013 was Paul Monies, 108 St. Williams Circle.
  • GOM for November 2013 was Merry Crider, 118 Sumner
  • GOM for December, 2013 was 709 Covington Point Drive, John and Anne Kienzle.

This is a reminder that the distinction for winning the GOM in the placement of the GOM sign. Due to current budgetary constraints we are no longer able to offer any monetary/dues gifting.


Notice of New Property Manager

Contact Renaissance Property Managementfor Dues payment and questions, covenant violations, architecture control issues, clubhouse rentals, any other subdivision issue or question.

Tel: (985) 624-2900


Pool News

Card Key Access

1. We will continues to swap out card key as needed (contact Renaissance) if you become delinquent after it is issued, you key access will be turned off.
2. Access – Please follow the stated times allowed for pool use. This can and will be monitored by the card key system.
3. Do not allow anyone in whose cards are not functional…there is a reason for this!

Pool Card Key Swap Out
If you have not already received a new card key in 2011 from the CPHA or Renaissance, and you are in need of a new card, please contact Renaissance to make arrangement to have that done. There are a limited number of people who can issue cards and we have made several opportunities to offer card swaps to all homeowners as convenient as possible. Moving forward the card swaps will be done at a mutually convenient time for the homeowner and the card issuer.
Thank You.

Please keep an eye out for problems when at the pool.

Please keep an eye out for problems when at the pool. We are experiencing some issues with unsupervised children and pets at the pool. If you see this or any other violation of pool rules, please report it. Report Link

CPHA Pool Rules view